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January 2012 –The formulation and conditioning work for the company’s resQhaler product was completed, enabling human trials to be performed.

December 2011 –A poster on the performance of the company’s resQhaler product was presented at the Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) conference in Edinburgh.

June 2011 –Testing commenced on Aespira’s first commercial product – the resQhaler.

December 2010 – Design for industrial scale-up and production agreed with industrial partner.

October 2010 – Further investment round in Aespira closed.

May 2010 – Aespira’s technology presented on the podium at RDD 2010, the premier conference in the respiratory field.

February 2010 – Further to ACI testing, improved models produced for demonstration to pharma companies.

December 2009 – Aespira’s inhaler technology undergoes its first external ACI testing at Kiel University. The results will be presented at RDD 2010 in Florida.

November 2009 – Aespira presents opening lecture at the Harro Hofliger Technology Forum in Germany. This was the first public presentation of the inhaler design, prior to testing by pharma companies.

July 2009 – Aespira receives the US trademark on its ActiveMesh® technology.

June 2009 – Further to successful development of a working prototype, Aespira is chosen as finalist to present at the HIT Barcelona Innovation Summit.

April 2009 – Further investment round in Aespira; the investors including a leading private investor, the original seed investors (Maayan Ventures, which is the seed investment fund of Infinity VC), and the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

June 2008 – Aespira gives an invited presentation on its technology and products at the prestigious Dry Powder Inhaler conference in London, organized by the Management Forum


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